The internet is a great resource. But it can also be a scary place unless you have some good filters separating signal from noise.  The following links are to people whom I have come to trust as great filters of the vast amounts of information that is available online.  I might not always agree with everything they write, but I trust them in their critical and balanced thinking.  If you are looking for anything from a “how to” guide to this whole paleo gig, to a better understanding of your inner workings, then these are the people I look to for top-notch information.

Dallas and Melissa Hartwig – Whole 9 (Whole30 Programme)

Mark Sisson – Mark’s Daily Apple

Dr Emily Deans – Evolutionary Psychiatry

Robb Wolf – The Paleo Solution

Paul and Shou-Ching Jaminet – The Perfect Health Diet

James Murphy – Evolved Running

Dr John Briffa

Anastasia Boulais – PrimalMedEd

Julianne Taylor – Paleo Zone Nutrition

JS Stanton –

Real Constipation Remedies

For those wanting some well-balanced information on the effectiveness of various supplements (not paleo, but people still ask about this stuff), check out