I believe the ultimate control one can have in their life is control over their own health. That requires knowledge – knowledge of yourself, the environment you operate in, and the interaction between the two.

I hold bachelor’s degrees in sport & exercise science and in human nutrition, plus post-graduate diplomas in sport & exercise medicine and nutritional medicine. I work as a health researcher & writer in the corporate health sector, whilst still maintaining a small private nutrition and exercise prescription practice.  I also consult for the Whole9 personal consulting team.

My passions are coffee, coconuts, and cycling, though not always in that order. With my own health, I aim to minimise the mismatch between my analogue genes and the digital world that I expose them to.  I’m naturally cynical, mildly (moderately, perhaps) misanthropic, and overly opinionated. These are some of my thoughts, opinions, and irrelevancies.  Take from them what you will.