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It has been a very long time since we have had the sort of week we have just had in the nutrition news.  I’m not going to rehash it all here as Mikki has already done a sterling job of that and has said the exact same thing I would have written here.  Summarised by “eat real food”.  Amongst all the hullabaloo was a great 30-minute report from Australia’s Catalyst programme on saturated fat (timely as it co-ordinated well with this BMJ piece from a UK cardiologist).  The Catalyst team have previously looked at sugar.  I think the two videos are best viewed together.

4 thoughts on “Sugar + Fat Videos

  1. Hi Jamie – I nearly choked on my salmon and avocado when I saw that headline in the Sunday Star Times and then couldn’t get the smile off for being so happy it was even there. I was unaware of Sweden’s nutritional guidelines changes. Amazing stuff! Perhaps the tipping point is nigh?

  2. It’s fascinating watching this historic change afoot, my sister and I have discussed over the past 2 years how long it will take for opinion to swing significantly through New Zealand culture as to what to do about the obesity epidemic/autoimmune avalanche etc etc. In our family we have 4 out of 5 adult children going Paleo, we are all middle aged now, and wish this information had come out 2 decades sooner.

  3. I just watched the sugar video, I cried. I feel guilty that I have brought my children up to eat sugary food with the result that we all have weight issues. In my defence, back in the 70s and 80s nutrition was all back to front so I wasn’t as much in the know as I am now. Alas the damage has lingered, my daughter is a big sugar fan and several stone overweight, I can’t lose weight even though I’ve gone nearly carb free (sugar is an issue though) and my son lost weight by cutting out fat (I know!) using a diet club format. I have done my best to undo the damage by sending them links to literature, blogs etc. that reinforce the message that sugar is bad and fat is good but when they look at me they don’t see that translating into fit and healthy, just still overweight. They don’t live at home so I have little influence. I am so angry that our helath services are not embracing the truth, despite the evidence. Good on Sweden though for stepping up.

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