Whole9 South Pacific does Christchurch, NZ

I’m going home!

Following the successful launch of our Whole9 South Pacific Foundations of Nutrition workshop in Cairns last weekend, and with having workshops booked (and rapidly selling out) for Toowoomba, Melbourne, Tasmania, and the Gold Coast, we are really (read as: REALLY) excited to be launching in New Zealand in my home town of Christchurch on March 24th.

The 80-strong crowd at our Cairns launch.

The 80-strong crowd at our Cairns launch.

A big thanks to the team at Crossfit Ashburton for their support, with a good contingent making the trip up on Sunday morning, and to resident Paleo doctors, Pam and Greg making the trip down from Wellington.  But the biggest thanks goes to my good friends, Adrian and Rona for being our legs on the ground there and helping us get a venue.

If you are in the Christchurch/Canterbury area, and want to learn how to boost your energy levels, get better sleep, bust your food cravings, have better sex, and save baby foxes, then please look at getting yourself along to our workshop.  Due to venue constraints, we are capped out at 50 available seats, with very close to half of those gone already… so don’t do the usual Kiwi thing of waiting to book at the last minute!

Book here: whole9chch-eorg.eventbrite.com

If you want us in your area, New Zealand or Australia, and have access to a venue for hosting us, shoot an email to workshops[at]whole9life.com or drop a comment on our Facebook page.

Don’t be cruel… learn how to improve your health and don’t kill baby foxes.

6 thoughts on “Whole9 South Pacific does Christchurch, NZ

  1. Anastasia

    I didn’t know we covered all that in our workshop… And you may be going to the Sunshine Coast, I’m running my W9SP seminar on the GOLD Coast. Bloody Kiwis.

  2. Louise

    Oh, I’m so pleased you get to do your workshop in Chch, and really bummed that I’m currently in the wrong hemisphere! I’ll be thinking of you, and will definitely tell my friends back home. Please post heaps of photos to your FB page!

      1. Sara Lake

        and lastly.. made a mistake in my own URL. It’s fittoblog.org, not fittoblog.com, just in case someone clicks through and wonders why a health blogger is waxing lyrical about foreign political stuff. Hot day has fried my brain.

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