Native Diets, Speaking Gigs, and Cafe Envy

A quick and dirty post (aint they the best one’s?) – as I suspect many will have to be over the coming weeks with lots happening between New Zealand and Australia…

To watch: The Native Diet

The Native Diet is a factual TV programme series that challenges a group of participants to eat and exercise like their tupuna in an effort to have a healthier body and mind.

Effectively paleo + Crossfit for modern urban Maori who, like so many indigenous peoples, are over-represented in poor health statistics.  No geo-restrictions, so everyone is free to watch it.

To watch out for: Low Carb Downunder – Jimmy Moore Tour

Jimmy Moore is officially in Australia, and last I heard, he doesn’t know which way is up with the jet-lag he is under.  Jimmy and a host of other speakers are touring Australia to promote low-carb eating.  Whilst we have both evolved our thinking away from favouring any particular macronutrient ratio and are more focused on food quality above all else, Anastasia and myself have a slot each at the Brisbane stop for this show.  We both recognise that whilst we don’t actively label how we eat as “low carb”, relative to what most people are eating (and to what official guidelines advocate we eat), we are very much “low carb” in our approach to food.  So there should be some good synergy between all the speakers there.  See here for Anastasia’s recent summary of what we will be discussing.

To eat at:  The Paleo Cafe

If you are ever in Cairns, you simply must go and see Marlise, Jai, and their team at Paleo Cafe.  These guys are pioneers, taking paleo cafe cuisine to the high street, with lofty plans to roll this model out across Australia and New Zealand.  The great thing with these guys is that they actually live and breathe this way of life – which in my book makes a big difference, having seen some paleo pretenders have a go in my home town.  I couldn’t think of anything better than a great coffee, some diving on the Great Barrier Reef, and then back to the cafe for a spot of paleo lunch (with more coffee – of course).

We are heading up their way in January (expect an exciting anouncement soon) and I can’t wait to sample the menu.  Please support them in-person and online.

6 thoughts on “Native Diets, Speaking Gigs, and Cafe Envy

  1. Cassiel

    Thanks for the link to the Native Diet! Looks interesting and I shall have to give it a watch. :)

    I’m glad to see that you’re participating in the LowCarb DownUnder events – I’m sure you’ll give a great presentation and have a great reception to it! I’m sorry that you won’t be in Sydney this time (I can only get to the Sydney one) but I hope I’ll get the chance to see one of your talks at some other Sydney event in the future. :) Good luck with the whole trip! (Same goes for the January event at the Paleo Cafe — sounds great, as does the food, and I wish I could be there!)

    I’ve seen a lot of derision and division between the LC and Paleo camps, and it makes me rather sad, because I think they have much more in common (especially compared to the SAD!) than they have seperating them. I don’t mind if LC people don’t agree with Paleo, or vice versa, but I get frustrated when I see people from one camp openly mocking the other. We’re all in it for the same reasons, after all, and have all gotten here by virtue of realising that the current nutritional dogma is bullshit. I’m glad that you’ve got a more pragmatic, open-minded viewpoint of it. :)

    I wouldn’t have found Paleo if it weren’t for low-carb — I started on Atkins after a friend had good success with it, and when I found both weight loss and huge health benefits, I wanted to know WHY. So I started researching, and stumbled on Primal and Paleo which is where I’m at now. But without the LC transition I don’t know that I’d have gotten here — and I still have to eat a fairly low-carb version of Paleo because my body just doesn’t seem to like carbs.

    I’m just glad we have so many of these resources available to us now, so that we can read everything and make our own choices for ourselves, whether it’s Paleo, Primal, LC, or something else entirely. (Though I do admit to privately mocking food choices that involve 30 bananas a day. ;P )

  2. George @ the High Fat hep C Diet

    @ cassiel – you say “without the LC transition I don’t know that I’d have gotten here ” and that’s exactly my experience.
    Eades and Atkins led me to Harris and Jaminet. And I don’t believe it would have worked as well any other way.

  3. Anna

    Speaking of Down Under, we are finalizing our plans to live in Christchurch from Jan-May of 2013 while my husband does a sabbatical in a colleague’s lab. High on my To Do list upon our arrival is figure out where to source our food. I’m very comfortable with buying outside the conventional supermarket situation, but also will probably mostly be relying on public transport (also trying out a non-car dependent lifestyle while we are away from So Cal). Any suggestions?

    1. Prue

      Anna – I suggest you buy grass-fed beef online from Lake Farm Beef and free range pork from Havoc Farms. Google both of those.

    2. thatpaleoguy Post author

      Hi Anna

      Firstly, public transport is very good in CHCH. I was using it in my final weeks before leaving there and it was a great service.

      There are regular farmers markets for some good food – one in Riccarton Bush and another popular one in Mt Pleasant. But there are loads. There is great produce from Gordon & Sons on Victoria St in the CBD. There is a bit of a comeback in butcheries too. Try the Halswell Butchery in Halswell or Peter Timms in St Albans. Our supermarkets are generally pretty good. Avoid Pak n Save if shopping with people who don’t respect themselves isn’t your thing. St Martins New World is a great place. And (if it is still there) Liberty Foods on Moorhouse Ave/Ferry Rd.

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