It Starts With Food – A Review-ette

Unless you have been living under a rock, or have forgotten your password to your Twitface+ account, you would have no doubt heard about the recent release of the new Whole9 book “It Starts With Food” It is superb. Buy it. Read it. Never view food the same again.  Of course, if you are happy eating what you eat and want to remain blissfully ignorant, then step away from the book… go stock up on Doritos’ and park yourself on the couch with a DVD. There’s nothing to see here for you.

I’m not going to write much on this book as a) I’m a bit late jumping on this bus and there are numerous reviews available already (use the power of Google-fu), and b) having read this review from the lovely Julianne Taylor, anything I write will be an almost verbatim reiteration of that.  But I will add a couple of thoughts which I haven’t seen mentioned too often elsewhere…

It Starts With Food is the baby of two of my favourite people – a couple I have become good (real life) friends with, am inspired by, and who (reluctantly on their part I think), have become role models to me – Dallas & Melissa Hartwig.  But while this book is every bit theirs, having poured their hearts and souls into this project, it is by no means the gospel-according-to-the-Hartwig’s.  As part of pulling the information for this book together, they consulted far and wide.  They formulated their ideas and then laid them bare to be dismantled and totally pulled to bits by some of the sharpest of minds in their respective fields – think the likes of Matt Lalonde and Emily Deans.

Somehow – and I have no idea how – I was privileged enough to be part of that process too.  Dallas and Melissa bounced some ideas off me, asked for my thoughts and sent through early drafts of some chapters for me to review.  I looked forward to my late summer afternoon’s where I would stroll down to a cafe armed with my bright orange Sharpie and espresso, and attempt to be constructively critical.

Now having two people of the calibre of D & M sending you information that they have clearly put a lot of their own research, intellect and commonsense into refining, and trying to go back to them with ‘some things to think about’, you run the risk of making yourself look like a right numpty.  If any of my critiques gave them some amusement, they were certainly gracious enough not to let on…

There are the inevitable comparisons with similar books already in existence – the likes of the Primal Blueprint’s, Paleo Solution’s, and so on.  I’d like to think that this book builds on the work of others – an evolution, if you will.  The Hartwig’s freely acknowledge that they stand on the shoulders of giants with the work that they do.  And just as they recognise that they can do the job they do because of the work the Wolf’s and Cordain’s of the world have already done, so it is for those of us looking to follow in their footsteps.  This book, and all its support material, makes my job easier.

If you want an easy-to-read user’s guide to you – on food, then this is the book to start with.  If you want to improve your health, or that of a friend or loved one, then “It Starts With Food” is exactly where you should start.

7 thoughts on “It Starts With Food – A Review-ette

  1. Claudia Gilbert

    My Paleo journey started with you Jamie, three months ago in Melbourne. I pre-ordered this book through Amazon last month, and am now half way through it. What a great read! Easy to read, and all the information we really need. Life has changed for the better in so many ways on Paleo, not to mention our health, and mostly strength! I’m looking forward to finishing the book, and fine tuning our diet. We eat 99.9% Paleo/healthy, just feel crap when we don’t, but I’m sure there are still some things we are not quite getting right.
    If you are coming to Melbourne anytime soon, would love to have a consult with you! Or maybe a holiday to NZ is required! :)
    Cheers Claudia

    1. thatpaleoguy Post author

      Hey Claudia – great to hear you dived in on a paleo journey and are doing well with it. You are certainly well guided if you are following ISWF and the Whole30!

      Will keep you posted re: Melbourne! :)



      1. Claudia Gilbert

        We started Paleo the day of the Melbourne seminar. All I really had to cut out were grains, did the sugar/processed food thing last Sept. Since going Paleo I’ve changed so much. I’m trying to get through the book, and see why our energy is down, and feeling flat and a little sickly. Whether we have something not right in our system, or there is a bug, or simply missing something in our diet, I’m not sure. I’m just so busy with family, kids, horses and training, I’m exhausted and falling into bed. Getting about 8 hours a night, but when we get more, still not feeling refreshed in the morning. Probably haven’t had as much fat in each meal, but fixed that up today with more avocado. Any thoughts?

        If you’re reading this Rod, I’ll call you in the morning!

        Thanks Jamie! Cheers :)

  2. Yvette Giles

    I’m only a quarter of the way through the book, but I am blown away at how damn good it is. It’s lifechanging stuff, even for someone who has been eating very much Paleo for the last few months – every page contains a lightbulb moment for me!

  3. dallas603

    Thanks so much for the kind review, Jamie… and for all of your help with the book. Your feedback was always excellent (and right on point), and we incorporated almost all of what you suggested into the final text. Your insights, humor, and support were invaluable throughout this entire process. We are honored to be your friend, and humbled at the idea that WE are mentoring YOU.

    Melissa & Dallas

  4. julianne

    Thanks for the link :)
    The other thing I like about ISWF is the meal template. Balanced and moderate and – I LOVE that they emphasize – eat lots of vegetables. I love veggies!

  5. Galina L.

    I have been eating home-cooked meals all my life, but only making it a LC diet created the real difference. I have being eating organ meats, making broths and meat jellies (jellied broths) all my life. I also mend clothes, use manual meat grinder, make fermented vegetables, especially sauerkraut, use ancient medical remedies when family members get seek. The existence of paleo-movement makes me feel less like a dinosaur who run away from a museum of .life left behind.

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